What is a Professional Organizer/Consultant?

A professional organizer is someone who enhances the lives of their clients by designing personalized systems and processes that will help them learn to regain control over their life and to manage their physical environment so that it enhances and supports their life, not bogging them down.   I provide my clients with the ability to become more aware in each situation which makes life more manageable and less stressful.  Your life is about you and your goals, not your “stuff”.  If your stuff is not doing that, It’s time to get some help from Mindful Order.

Why hire a Professional Organizer/Consultant?

A Professional Home Organizer not only helps you organize the clutter in your mind and space, but they also create easy-to-follow systems and thinking to help keep it that way. They are there to help you through the entire process or to get down and dirty and do everything themselves. They are there to sit, sort, clean, file, de-clutter, and de-stress to help make your home a better place to live.

What are the benefits of getting organized?

EVERYTHING! You will find yourself having more time, less stress, you will know where everything is located (which saves time and huge headaches), and it will make your life easier and, more importantly, happier. Your environment plays a huge part on your attitude, outlook, and even blood pressure levels. When it’s in disarray, that will reflect and play an immediate part on your life. It makes life so much simpler when your environment is organized, clean, and it’s easy to find things.

Which areas do you service?

I will tackle anything from your children’s playroom to your kitchen pantry. Almost all areas of your home, office and vehicles are covered. You can see a full listing of areas and rooms serviced on the Services page.

Does the organizer do the work or just tell me how to do it? 

It depends on what you want. Some clients prefer to have the organizer do all the work; others find it helpful to work alongside their organizer; and still others need only a consultation to identify the best organizing strategy for them to take. It’s entirely up to you. If you don’t want to touch a thing, you don’t have to. But, if you or anyone else wants to help, it’ll get the job done faster, and in the end, save you money.

Will I have to throw away all my stuff?

No. You decide what, if anything, is thrown away. A professional organizer asks questions, shares information, and provides advice and suggestions. During this process, the organizer helps you decide what’s important to you.

I’ve never been an organized person; is there any hope for me? 

Certainly. The basic principles and methods of organizing can be learned, and new habits can be developed at any stage of life. A professional organizer will work with you to set up a personalized organizational system, and then teach you how to maintain your system.

How do I get started?

Simply contact me here and tell me what needs to be addressed, what rooms/areas you’d like organized, and any other details you’d like to include. I will then get back with you and we can set up a time for our initial meeting.

What takes place at the initial meeting?

I come and evaluate the space(s) as-is and formulate a plan of action. Then, we will discuss what problems you have with the space(s), what you would like to see change, and what is currently working for you.

Should I tidy up before meeting with an organizer?

No, you should not. A professional organizer will want to see how you normally live and what habits you have. He or she can then identify the sources and challenges of your specific organizational issues. This will provide valuable information for making useful suggestions and offering ideas for how to improve your situation.

Should I buy boxes, bins, or other organizing items before working with an organizer?

It is recommended that you do not purchase additional organizing devices until your organizer has had a chance to fully assess the situation and determine your specific needs. Frequently, people already have too many of these items because they’re being used to store things that they no longer need or are being used inefficiently.

Will my house be a mess during the time between our sessions?

During a session, things often look worse before they look better. However, an organizer should never leave your home or office a mess between sessions. A professional organizer will be able to determine what can be accomplished in the time allotted for a single session.

How long will it take to get me organized?

Professional organizers strive to make the organizing process as quick and efficient as possible. However, every client is different. Generally, the length of a project depends on the size of the area to be organized, the amount of clutter and paper that is present, the client’s motivation to become organized, the number of distractions from pets, children, significant others and/or electronic devices, and how quickly he or she makes decisions about what stays and what can be donated, sold, consigned, recycled, or thrown away.

Once I get organized, how will I stay organized?

A professional organizer will not only create a personalized organizing system for you based on your lifestyle, goals, and budget, but also teach you the necessary skills and processes to stay organized. If, however, you need a periodic “tune-up,” maintenance packages are available, whereby the professional organizer will return to your home or home office and either work with you to stay organized or else do the work herself.

Will you be flexible and able to work around my schedule?

I’m here to work with you and your schedule.

Will my sessions be confidential?

You betcha! All meeting, conversations, and questions are between you and I, and no one else.

What are your rates?

Please see the Rates page for details.

What if I only need you for a few hours?

That’s A-Ok! There is a minimum of 4 hours for each project.

What payments are accepted?

I accept cash, checks and all major credit cards, and payment is due at the end of each work session (each day).

Confidentiality and compassion are our hallmark values